In the baking class practical session, the students had the opportunity to experience and create the famous Italian dessert - Pannacotta. The students began by preparing the necessary ingredients such as cream, sugar, and gelatin. Under the attentive guidance of the teacher, they learned how to cook the cream and sugar mixture, then dissolve the gelatin to achieve the characteristic smooth texture of Pannacotta.

After completing the cream base, the students were also instructed on how to decorate the Pannacotta with fresh fruits, fruit sauces, or other creative toppings. Each student demonstrated meticulousness and creativity in finishing their dessert.

The final result was portions of Pannacotta that were not only delicious and smooth but also visually appealing, bringing joy and satisfaction to the students as they saw their work come to fruition. Through this practical session, the students not only honed their baking skills but also learned many professional preparation techniques.