The training center for the disabled youth was established in 1997 with the objective of "Free Training and Placement" for mild disability and disabled hearing impaired with Sewing. Over 800 students have benefited from the program since its foundation.



The specialty of Hoa Sua School as well as Center for People with Disabilities is "Training - Practice – Re- Practice".

Practical products such as school uniforms, aprons and other products will be sold at Big C supermarket and Hoa Sua training restaurant systems.



Besides vocational training, the Center for the disabled focuses on improving students communication skills. The teachers at the sewing class such as Pham Thi Sang, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha are perfomant in sign language and are able to teach it and give the students opportunity to practice. 

More than professional skills, the training center for the disabled youth helps the students to build a better future and fulfilled their potentials.



In the early years of the establishment, Training center for the disabled youth encountered many difficulties to maintain, so the school supported the entire operating budget. By the year 2013, in addition to the help of the school, it also received support from the Big C supermarket and some other organizations, so the revenue from the sale of practical products has increased, the Center has been self-control work, maintain numbers, and created jobs for students.