Mission from 1997:

"Participate in the poverty program in Vietnam through free vocational training and creation job for disadvantages youth"

At this time, the school was known as, “Hoa Sua private school for women,” providing 12-month long vocation training programs. The quantity of staff and students positions available depended on the income from the training restaurants and the financial support of Vietnamese and international organizations. 

 Mission for 2007:

"Participate in the poverty program in Vietnam through vocational training and the creation of jobs for people have demand and design policy for specific group"

In 2007, Hoa Sua changed its name to “Hoa Sua School of Economics and Tourism,” and added a 24-month long certification course to its offered programs. The certification course was created to meet student and labour market demand for more specialized training. In order to fund the new program, Hoa Sua opened its school to tuition paying students. Hoa Sua continues to use the income generated from the training restaurants and financial support of national and international organizations to maintain free-training programs for disadvantaged youths .

Mission for the period 2012 to the present:

"Training of high quality human resources in the field of tourism. Participate in the poverty program in Vietnam to meets the economic and social development of country. There are special support policies for vulnerable groups"

Since 2012, we have continued to maintain free programs for disadvantaged youths, however we would like to have a more equal balance between tuition free students and tuition paying students.From 2014 until now, we can be completely free in every our activities and maintain the number of disadvantaged youths who are supported open and fix the groups of student. In 2016, we were able to increase the quantity of tuition free positions for students and help them find free job placements.

Hoa Sua School would like to welcome suggestions from individuals or organization (nationally or internationally) on how to complete our mission.

Please sent your coment to address:

Email: hoasuaschool@gmail.com or info@hoasuaschool.edu.vn