On Wednesday morning in the summer program of 2024 at Hoa Sua Economic and Tourism Vocational School, the students will participate in an exciting and beneficial cooking class led by Ms. Thuy. This class will help the students learn and master the preparation and cooking of traditional Vietnamese dishes. During the class, they will learn how to make "thịt kho tàu," a rich and flavorful dish with tender, well-seasoned pork, and a refreshing, nutritious crab soup.

Ms. Thuy will guide the students step by step, from selecting ingredients, and preparing them, to cooking techniques. The students will practice marinating the meat, adjusting the heat while braising the pork to achieve the desired tenderness, and cooking the crab soup to ensure a clear and sweet broth. Through this, they will gain a deeper understanding of basic cooking principles, from handling food to basic cooking techniques.

After the class, the finished dishes, "thịt kho tàu" and crab soup, will be served as lunch for the students. This not only gives them the opportunity to enjoy the dishes they have prepared themselves but also helps them gain confidence in cooking and self-care. This activity not only helps the students master cooking skills but also provides them with practical and enjoyable experiences, stimulating their creativity and love for home cooking.