( Interview with Bui Thi Thuy - alumni of K16 European cuisine class at Hoa Sua school)

Q: Hello! Can you introduce about yourself?

A: Hi! My name is Bui Thi Thuy – alumni of K16  European cuisine class at Hoa Sua school. I was born in Hoa Binh. Now I am working at Hotel de I’Opera Hanoi.

Q: Why did you register and choose European cuisine  at Hoa Sua school? Can you share about the time you study at school?

A: I come from Hoa Binh province. My family have parent, me with two sister and brother. My life was very strenuous and my family’s income depend on farming. My parent worked very hard to take I and my sister, brother went to school. I known Hoa Sua school through Communist Youth Union of local and some information from alumni of Hoa Sua who I known. I realize that go to Hoa Sua school is the best way to change my life. Then I registered to learn at Hoa Sua school. I’m very lucky because Hoa Sua support everything for me in training program. Moreover Hoa Sua gave me all the cost accommodation. I were very happy and try to study hard.

Q: Why did you choice to cooking European cuisine in many fields of school?

 A: At first I only chose by feeling. I thought that was a attactive field for myself. After being consulted, I known that a lot of restaurant, hotel in Hanoi and many city of VietNam want to recuitment staff in field of hospitality and cuisine. Realize that this is a job with high labour oppotunities so I decided registered European cuisine

 Q: Do you feel that choose to study at Hoa Sua school had already change your life?

 A: Absolutely yes. With a stable job and good income, I can take care of myself and support for family. Every month, I give money to my parents.

 Q: After graduated, where did you work?

 A: After I graduated in 2011, I worked 6 months in Song Thu restaurant – training restaurant of school. Then I have a lot of experience to went out. After that I was introduced to Hotel de I’opera. 3 months later in here, I became official staff of Hotel de I'Opera HaNoi. I was really happy.

 Q: Where are you working in kitchen area of Hotel de I’Opera? Do you have good earning?

 A: I’m working in cold kitchen and I thick it is suiable with my ability. The earning is 6 milions of mounth.

 Q: Do you have any plan in the future?

 A: Firstly I want to complete my job in here with position and salary higher in future. Of course, I will improve knowledge and skill job to promoted in future.

 Q: Thank for your sharing. Wish you have good health and have a lot of advantages in job.

Bui Thi Thuy in Hotel de I'Opera Ha Noi