“I always keep memories about the time I learnt at Hoa Sua. I have unforgettable memories with classmate, teachers at school. I were learnt about knowledge and job skill from teachers. In addition, that is soft skill,  communication skil and english to complete myseft..." Lương Văn Nghiêm – alumni of Restaurant Management K5 sharing about the time he learnt at Hoa Sua school.

 Lương Văn Nghiêm comes from SOS Village Children HaNoi. He is orphan children and lived at SOS Village from 5 years old in the family with mother, brothers and sisters. Nghiêm was a student with good learning capacity when he learnt at high school. However, after register and participate in university competition, he was decided to learnt at Hoa Sua school for disadvantages youth. This result from conversation between Nghiem and education staff of SOS village - a important conversation in his life.

From beginning, Hoa Sua school and SOS Village children HaNoi was cooperated to make opportunities for children to change their life in future. Lương Văn Nghiêm was seized this opportunities to learnt at Hoa Sua. He has a new life with good job and comeback to support for brother and sister.

He was worked in Sapa, HaNoi and some big city in Viet Nam. That is long trip to accumulate experience for his job - his passion. After participated in competition at Deawoo Hotel, Lương Văn Nghiêm was register at Metropole Hotel. With impressive personal background he was appointed at Metropole Hotel.

Now, he becomes Bartender in Bar department of Metropole Hotel – a famous hotel in VietNam. He receives salary than 9 milion VNĐ per month. It help him prepare for dream in future and support for brother and sister at SOS Village HaNoi.


Lương Văn Nghiêm and Former President of SOS International Organization - Mr Helmut Kutin in Metropole Hotel