H: Hello Bớ! Could you introduce yourself a bit?

Đ: Hello, ma'am! I'm Phu Suy Bớ - a former student of Hoa Sữa School, class K22C, majoring in Accommodation Operations (Housekeeping).

H: How did you learn about the school's training program? And why did you choose to study Accommodation Operations (Housekeeping) as your major?

Đ: I learned about the school's training program through a working session organized by Hoa Sữa School's Enrollment Committee at Bát Xát High School. During the session, Mr. Thanh, the Director of the Enrollment Center, provided career guidance to us. After the counseling session, I decided to study Accommodation Operations (Housekeeping) because this field has the advantage of fast training and there are many job opportunities available. Since my family is poor and financially disadvantaged, when I enrolled in the school, I received full support from the school, including free training, meals, and accommodation. I also hope that after completing my studies, I can find a job to support myself and partially assist my parents.

H: Could you tell us about your journey after graduation?

Đ: After completing the training program at the school, Mr. Thanh, the Director of the Enrollment Center, introduced me to an internship at Sunway Hotel. During the internship, I applied the knowledge I learned at the school directly to my work. I was highly evaluated by my colleagues for my skills and a customer-oriented mindset. After graduation, the hotel's management team decided to keep me as a permanent staff member, with a starting salary of 4,260,000 VND per month.

H: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I wish you good health and success in your career!